Just Scripture Ministries

JSM is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian apologetics ministry that is dedicated in defending the Christian faith and equipping people with well-researched information on issues that try to undermine the inspiration and veracity of the Bible. We primarily produce videos that are accessible on YouTube, but also handouts to corresponding videos that are aimed in evangelizing the unbeliever. This ministry was founded in 2018 on a commitment to provide compelling content at no charge (2 Cor 2:17).

Approach to Teaching 

My background in math education has taught me one supreme truth about learning. If you want your audience to understand and comprehend the material, then they need to see it.  Since 2/3 of people will identify as visual learners instead auditory learners, we aim to make all content as visual as possible.  If we're talking about Biblical history or fulfilled prophecy, you are going to see a detailed timeline displaying those events.  If we're making connections between OT verses and NT citations, then you will see those connections side-by-side. 

Handouts for Evangelism

We all know people who don't share our beliefs and sometimes even try to undermine it.  So we read a book or watch a debate to prepare ourselves for the next time those discussions arise.  But for most of us, that compelling information slowly drifts away and when the time comes to share our new reasons, we realize that not much of it stuck with us.  That's why, handouts are made available to videos that are rooted in witnessing to others.  (see ex WTJW - Why is Jesus called the only-begotten Son?)

Free Scripture

Ultimately, we want everyone to love God's Word and have a desire to read & study it everyday.  In time, we will be making available all public domain Bibles on the website formatted to make the reading experience more enjoyable.  At the same time, it will also serve as a go-to for anyone desiring to produce Scripture based materials and not worry about copyright infringement. 

Bible Classes, Guest Speaking & Preaching

Just Scripture Ministries promotes Bible education by offering its teaching services to churches and other Christian organizations desiring in-depth Biblical instruction and Christian apologetics. To arrange a Bible study class at your church or request a guest speaker, please contact us directly.
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