Book of Daniel - Chapter 7:9-14 Study - The Son of Man Coming on Clouds

In this video, we examine Daniel's vision of the Ancient of Days and the Son of Man figures. The Son of Man is said coming on clouds to the Ancient of Days, and given the rulership to God's Kingdom that slays the 4th Beasts and the '11th Little Horn.' 

The significance of the theology that is involved in these verses cannot be overstated. Understanding these two figures especially the Son of Man who is portrayed in a messianic sense contributes directly to the doctrine of the Godhead and the deity nature of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for verses and a video that demonstrates the clear presence of the Godhead in Heaven, then it is this one. 

This video will help your understanding of 'Divine Plurality' and that this concept is rooted in Judaism and not an invention of the 4th AD, Christian Church.  

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