Book of Daniel - Chapter 9:1-2 Study - The 70 Years of Desolation

In this video, we cover the first 2 verses in chapter 9. Chapter 9 is the most controversial, prophetic chapter in all of the book due to the references to Jerusalem & the Temple being destroyed (9:26) and an Anointed One 'Meshiach' being killed (9:25). 

The first 2 verses set up the purpose of Daniel's prayer to God for the restoration and release of the exiles still captive in Babylon. Daniel 9:2 references Jeremiah's 70 years prophecy (cf Jer 25:11-12 & 29:10) as coming near to its completion. This triggers Daniel into action and praying fervently for God's forgiveness upon His chosen people (9:3-19). 

The 70 years prophecy has some controversy surrounding it as some critics say that the captivity period didn't last that long, and then call into question the accuracy of Jeremiah and Daniel. 

There is quite a bit of debate over how to reconcile what appears on the surface level as a historical error to this prophecy. However, this video will show that once we get down into the chronology weeds that the captives return into Jerusalem can be fully reconciled with the 70-year prophecy. 

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