Book of Daniel - Chapter 9:3-19 Study - Daniel's Prayer

In this video, we examine the importance of Daniel's prayer in chapter 9. The prayer itself makes up the majority of the chapter, which sets the stage for Gabriel's arrival to give the famous 70 Weeks prophecy. 

The prayer comes in 3 parts: preparation (v3), confession (4-14), and petition (15-19). Each part is significant in understanding how important Daniel's prayer was for Israel's ability to return back to Jerusalem. 

The prayer also comes under scrutiny by critics, who maintain that the book was written in the 2nd BC. They will say that the prayer is at best a 'liturgical gem' by using/borrowing from other OT prayer scenes like Solomon's, Ezra's and Nehemiah's. However, we will show quite easily that the customs and type of prayer that Daniel delivers runs all the way back to the Patriarchs.  

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