Evidence for the Kings of Israel

This series provide evidence for the Kings of Israel & Judah starting with its last king, Zedekiah, and going backwards to King David.  The Kingdom period lasted over 500 years (1095-587 BC, Ussher Chronology) that is recorded in 1/2 Samuel, 1/2 Kings, and 1/2 Chronicles.  During this time period, 4 of the 5 wisdom books and 14 of 17 prophetical books are written.  Thus, 24 of the 39 (>60%) Old Testament books occur within this period with some overlapping the Exile period: Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.  If the Kings of Israel and the events that are ascribed to them can be shown to be historically reliable, then we can come away knowing that the accounts were recorded from a firsthand perspective and not adapted legends from antiquity.       
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