"Book of Daniel"

In this series, we focus on 3 objectives: 1) understanding the historical context of the book and Daniel's captivity in Babylon, 2) visually laying out the prophecies and seeing their connection to the end times debate, and 3) defending the 6th BC authorship position.  

These objectives are ultimately purposed to benefit our evangelistic efforts with those who deny the inspiration of the Bible and the supernatural potential of predictive prophecy.  

"Defending The Virgin Birth"

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In this series, we focus on the 4 primary arguments against the Virgin Birth: 
1) copy of pagan myth stories, 
2) so-called New Testament majority silence, 
3) Isaiah 7:14's almah means 'young woman' not virgin, 
4) the prophecy was for King Ahaz (8th BC) and not about the far future.  

All four of these arguments are covered in full and you come away having the assurance that this core tenet to the Christian faith is Biblically and historically true. 

“Some people see the virgin birth as a nonessential point. It is not. Although the church has not always been careful to guard this precious truth, it is the foundation of everything Christmas stands for.” —John MacArthur 

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"Israel's Sojourn in Egypt: 215 or 430 Years?"

This video explains to 2 views on the length that Israel was in Egypt from Jacob's 130th year to the Exodus in Moses' 80th year. The 215 years dramatically changes what Egyptian dynasties the Patriarchs coincide with and what Pharaoh Joseph was potentially serving under. Both views are advocated by Christian circles, but this video will lay out both and display which one holds to the Biblical text.   

"Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses"

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In this series, you will be equipped with numerous examples of how to reach and show Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus Christ is God-incarnate, His resurrection was in bodily form, and that the doctrine of the Trinity is Biblical sound.  

In short, Jehovah's Witnesses hold a unitarian view of God and only God the Father has always been eternal.  This means that Jesus, His Son, is a created being and not God Himself.  They view the Holy Spirit not as a person but merely Jehovah's active force or displayed power much like electricity.  Because of these viewpoints, the Trinity is viewed as a heretical teaching and was adopted from pagan tradition at the Council of Nicaea at Emperor Constantine's direction. 

This series is developed from the standpoint that the best way to reach them is to show them that the church fathers viewed Jesus as God prior to Constantine and even in the New World Translation (JW's adopted Bible translation) clearly teaches that Jesus is the second member of the Godhead from eternity past. 

As the viewer, you will come away having full confidence in your ability to share your faith in love with Jehovah's Witnesses as they are still in need of hearing the True Gospel. 

"Noah’s Nakedness, the Sin of Ham, and the Curse of Canaan"

In this video, we exegetically tackle the 2 interrelated questions of 1) what was Ham's sin and 2) why was Canaan cursed for it? Genesis 9:19-29 closes off Noah's story in the Bible. 

Noah's drunken episode, Ham's sin, and Canaan's curse have been discussed many opinions on what exactly did Ham do that was so bad that resulted in his 4th son, Canaan, receiving a curse from Noah. 

There are 4 views that are discussed in this video: 1) Voyeurism, 2) Castration, 3) Paternal Incest, and 4) Maternal Incest. All 4 are put to the test to see if any of them coherently answer the key questions and what purpose does this story play in the larger narrative of the Old Testament. 

The material in this video is of adult nature; so parental consent is advised.

 "Unwrapping Christmas"

In this series, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to be able to share the gift of Christ with non-believers, who doubt the Biblical accounts of Jesus' virgin birth.

The Christmas season opens up a unique opportunity to share the Gospel as receptiveness to hearing and discussing who Jesus Chirst is and why He came to Earth is higher than any other time during the calendar year. 

This series will focus on answering the key questions that non-believers have about Christianity:
1) is Jesus a historical character?
2) is the New Testament reliable?
3) is Christianity based upon pagan myths? 
4) Why Christianity and not any other religion?   

As the viewer, you will come away having full confidence in your ability to share the gift of the Christmas message with anyone this season.  

 "Evidence for the Kings of Israel"

In this series, you will see overwhelming archaelogical evidence on a king-by-king basis that upholds the historical reliability of the accounts found in the Bible.  

There is sadly many in the academic field that discount the accuracy of the Bible's description of the Kingdom of Israel and make it out to be nothing more than adapted legends. 

The videos are short, fast paced, and fully animated to make it visually understandable. Each video will cover 1 or 2 kings with more than enough evidence that proves that particular king(s) did exist and their events described in the Bible are historically accurate.

As the viewer, you will come away with 100% assurance that the Biblical accounts are completely trustworthy.       
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