"Noah’s Nakedness, the Sin of Ham, and the Curse of Canaan"

In this video, we exegetically tackle the 2 interrelated questions of 1) what was Ham's sin and 2) why was Canaan cursed for it? 

Genesis 9:19-29 closes off Noah's story in the Bible. Noah's drunken episode, Ham's sin, and Canaan's curse have been discussed many opinions on what exactly did Ham do that was so bad that resulted in his 4th son, Canaan, receiving a curse from Noah. 

There are 4 views that are discussed in this video: 1) Voyeurism, 2) Castration, 3) Paternal Incest, and 4) Maternal Incest. All 4 are put to the test to see if any of them coherently answer the key questions and what purpose does this story play in the larger narrative of the Old Testament. 

The material in this video is of adult nature; so parental consent is advised.
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